13 March, 2012

Let's talk about photography!

Welcome to my blog! This will be the place where I will give more details about the photos I take, and more insight on how do I achieve certain things in photography and why do I consider them important. But that's just the general idea. In today's world the cameras are becoming a part of our reality, and we are constantly equipped with at least one camera all the time (the one on the mobile phone). We have a constant urge to "have and keep", that is why we capture the reality and save the moment for later and savour it over and over again. It's good that we all have the inclination to express ourselves individually, but it is the way we do it that makes us differ from each other. Sometimes the photographs can say a lot about the person who is behind the camera, the photographer, thus making him visible as well. I hope this blog will help you find more about what happens before you press the shutter, because the photography is born in the eye of the photographer, and the camera is solely our mechanical extension who is prepared to capture what we tell it to capture. And I hope it will help me learn new things from you through your comments and collaboration.

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  1. Hola.
    Estás en la onda actual. Una foto y tres o cuatro páginas de texto.
    Creo y pienso que vas encontrando tu camino